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On Friday indie rock band LOBSTERBOMB are releasing their first musical installment for 2022, the chaotic and fun track 'Sense'.


'Sense' is the new song from Berlin based three piece LOBSTERBOMB. The track much like the cover feels colourful and as much as it focuses on a pretty important topic it doesn't lose that fun energetic edge that LOBSTERBOMB deliver and is definitely one you could scream along with. Formed in early 2020 just before the pandemic LOBSTERBOMB began their journey together when the world was in a pretty dark place. The band were left with time to reflect and write songs about shared frustrations, fears but also optimism and a need for positive change. About two years later and the group have been performing in Berlin and across Germany. Their live show is said to be raw and energetic while also having a colourful stage presence. LOBSTERBOMB have shared the stage with artists such as; Laura Lee & The Jettes, Isolation Berlin, 24/7 Diva Heaven, Akne Kid Joe and more. The band are looking forward to getting back out on the road in 2022. 'Sense' to me is this really fun, upbeat song that also gives you the opportunity to scream out your frustrations. The story it tells is about living in a way that seems chaotic to others but to you it makes perfect sense. It tells of the idea of finding balance between functioning in daily life and maintaining a sense of self when medication subdues the strength of emotion. This is definitely one I could imagine being really enjoyable live with everyone screaming along. 'Sense' was recorded in a DIY fashion by LOBSTERBOMB at the end on 2021 and was mixed by Peter Thoms (Akne Kid Joe).

Band Line Up

Nico Rosch: Vocals & Guitar (she/her) Crayon Jones: Guitar & Vocals (he/him) Vik Chi: Drums (she/her)

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