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Tooth Marks - Fight For You Any Way

Bedfordshire based Alt Rock trio Tooth Marks are releasing their third single, hard rock tune 'Fight For You Any Way'.


'Fight For You Anyway' will be Tooth Marks third single. The song has a catchy hard rock rhythm and feels kind of classic metal inspired within the guitar riffs. 'Briscombe' has a pretty unique voice and I found myself being really interested in his sound. Comparing this new single to Tooth Marks previous work I would definitely say it's quite different but then the two previous singles also have quite a different vibe to each other. 'Fight For You Any Way' to me seems more hard rock sounding whereas having a listen to the previous singles 'Out Of My Mind' and 'Where We Are' I didn't think they sounded as heavy.

'Fight For You Any Way' is my favourite of the bands music and I think it's a really cool and catchy song but also kind of dirty and grungy. It's something interesting to listen to and if you're looking for a new band to check out give these guys a listen. 'Fight For You Any Way' was created entirely during lockdown and will be available to stream on all platforms on the 23rd of April 2021.

Tooth Marks are:

Dan Briscombe: Vocals, Lyrics Arunas Kaciulis: Lead Guitar David Cload: Bass Guitar

Tooth Marks social media:

You can pre save 'Fight For You Any Way' here

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