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Mokery - Bad Things

French hardcore outfit Mokery, earlier this year released their headbang worthy next single 'Bad Things'.


Alt-Rock/Hardcore group Mokery have released their newest single 'Bad Things' which is accompanied by a music video. Mokery have been releasing music for a couple of years now with their first Spotify release 'Once Upon A Time' coming out in September of 2021. The French hardcore group have gained a reasonable social media following and have also accumulated nearly 3,000 listeners on Spotify alone. Mokery strive for creative freedom and seem to be making the music they want whether people want to listen or not is up to them. 'Bad Things' is another single from Mokery that fits into their very modern hardcore style. From the get-go I could tell that this one was fast and headbang worthy. It screams intensity and passion; you really get the sense that these guys love what they are doing. 'Bad Things' also comes complete with a big chorus that would be the perfect sing-along at a show. Then there's the clean vocals which throughout follow this really cool flow that begs you to listen before you're also hit with gritty hardcore vocals that are again staying very true to that modern sound. Whether you check out new single 'Bad Things' or any other music from Mokery you won't be disappointed. For any modern hardcore lover these guys are perfect to expand your playlists with. I personally have been listening to Mokery for a few months now so am happy to be sharing their music and I am excited to see how these hardcore guys grow.

'Bad Things' (Official Music Video)

Listen to 'Bad Things' HERE

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