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Spell of Dark - Ghost From the Past

Album Name: Ghost From the Past

Artist: Spell of Dark

Released: February 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 6/10



  1. Dark Fires of Desert

  2. Echo of Curse

  3. I'll Save You, Forest

  4. Ghost From the Past

  5. Age

  6. Summer of Hopes

  7. Everloving (Moby Cover)

Sitting looking outside the window at the grey dull day feels like the perfect visual representation of Spell of Dark's 'Ghost From the Past'. The best way I could describe this album is melancholic and dark. 'Ghost From the Past' feels very dark overall and in some ways haunting. The album feels like it's making you question yourself and giving you time to think about your own decisions. The music itself is quite beautiful, I have to say the guitar work specifically in certain songs really had me feeling things. While I'm picking out instruments I also have to compliment the drums in the cover of Moby's 'Everloving' which closes the album. My one main downside to the music within this album is the vocals, and I'm not saying they're bad but I really struggled at the beginning to even really hear them yet I am realising that was probably the effect that Spell of Dark were going for. However for me as a listener I did find this to be a bit distracting until I eventually gave in and accepted the fact that this is what the music was. 'Ghost From the Past' has a mix of songs I really enjoyed and ones that I wasn't too keen on. Songs like 'Age' I didn't really enjoy and too be honest found a little boring. Then there's songs like my personal favourite 'Summer of Hopes', the almost ten minute long track really brought my attention right back to what I was listening to and I found myself being immersed completely into the sounds that surrounded me. In my opinion 'Summer of Hopes' really made me think of something that you would find on a tv show soundtrack for a dramatic or sad moment.

Another song that I really want to talk about is the title track 'Ghost From the Past', this song stood out to me as sounding a bit different from the others. This one was more upbeat and I even caught myself bopping my head along with it a little. The one thing that really crossed my mind with this one though is that I really wander what this piece would sound like with some prominent, strong vocals on it.

"About the past. About future. About the things that are now. This is a message from the worlds you have created inside yourself..." - (Ghost From the Past about the album)

I think that that is a fairly enjoyable album and it would be really nice to just have on in the background while you're sitting relaxing, or earphones in and allow yourself to completely get lost inside the music. 'Ghost From the Past' is one of those albums where you can kind of let your mind wander while listening and it doesn't cause any distraction but rather offers a gentle soundtrack for your thoughts. I personally will be revisiting this album when I need some downtime.

You can listen to 'Ghost From the Past' HERE

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