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Sinka - Take Me To The Skies

Album Name: Take Me To The Skies Artist: Sinka: Shaun Sewell - Sears: Vocals & Guitar Matt Smith: Bass Jack Wright: Drums Released: April 2021 Rating: 6/10



01. Skies 02. Tell Me My Name 03. Love, Love 04. Headspin (feat Holly Harvey) 05. Messiah

"Take Me To The Skies" sees Sinka feel almost more grown up or established compared to their first EP "F.W.Y.K". This new EP which is set for release on the 16th April 2021 is not a far cry from the music this band have released before but there are definitely some differences in the sound of this compared to previously released music. The EP opens with track "Skies", the second single off of this EP and also the song that gave "Take Me To The Skies" it's name. This was the first track recorded for the EP and was the thing that inspired this whole project. The song itself to me had an almost "Priorities" era Don Broco vibe to it. I think this song is really strong and I can see how it would have inspired Sinka to want to create something surrounding it. By "Skies" being the opening track fans are instantly thrown into the new era of Sinka with a song that makes you want to hear more. My personal favourite on "Take Me To The Skies" is first single "Messiah". This song in my opinion has the highest energy and has a very catchy rhythm. "Messiah" has a kind of Muse vibe to it which too be a honest I could say for a lot of Sinka's songs. While listening to this on the EP version compared to the single I was interested to see that there was a little extra added to the end of this song to close the EP. I like how Sinka have done that as it means whether you listen to the single version or the EP version you're getting something slightly different. The other three songs within this EP are very different from one another. "Love, Love" is more of the high energy, hard rock that Sinka always deliver on. Whereas "Tell Me My Name" feels like a haunted lullaby and "Headspin" is a slower track that shows off "Shaun Sewell-Sears" great lyrical writing ability. "Headspin" also features vocals from "Holly Harvey" which adds a nice level and depth to the song. Production for "Take Me To The Skies" was done by Elliot Millman. The cool space themed album artwork was created by Sam Rogers and Declan Sewell-Sears.

As a whole this EP shows off what Sinka can do by giving us songs that are different in style from one another. You wont get bored listening to "Take Me To The Skies" as you are taken from high energy songs to the next track being slow and lyrically based. In my opinion this is the strongest version of Sinka we have seen yet. However, is the EP perfect, no. This is the bands first proffesionally produced project and you can hear that they still have to do some growing in their sound but that's what makes them interesting to listen to. It's almost as though they are still figuring out exactly who they are and at this point in their career I wouldn't expect anything else.

Pre save "Take Me To The Skies" here

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You can also check out the interview we did with Jack Wright (Drummer) about the EP below.

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