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Rocking Corpses - War for Doom

Rocking Corpses have released a new single 'War for Doom' from their upcoming second studio album 'Death Blues'.


Picture by: Väinö Hörkkä

The Finnish band are described as rock, death metal, zombies or pretty much any horror theme you can imagine, add some really black humour and then you get Rocking Corpses. They have just released their fourth single 'War for Doom' of off their upcoming album 'Death Blues'

"War for Doom was created in dawn of our studio sessions. We were listening to our demos and thinking that the album may be lacking one faster song so we geared up and this song was ready before sundown. Vocals were finished by Laze during sessions and while the song may be a bit out of the general line of the album, it successfully finished the loose story of the album. War for Doom was considered as a single before but we ended up with 3 earlier singles (Buried, Another Day in Casket, Body) but when the deal with Inverse Records was made, the first suggestion for a single was this song. Well, here it is!" - (Rocking Corpses)

Rocking Corpses second album 'Death Blues' will be out on the 2nd of July 2021 via Inverse Records.

Band line up

Leper Laze: Vocals Tony Decay: Guitar, Dirty Vocals Pestilence Pete: Guitar Maggot Mike: Bass Tom Bones: Drums

You can watch the video for 'War for Doom' on Inverse Records Youtube here

You can listen to 'War for Doom' at any of the following links

Pre save 'Death Blues' here

Pre save 'Drinking with the Dead' single here

Watch the music video for 'Buried' here

Watch the music video for 'Another Day in Casket' here

Rocking Corpses social media

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