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Phoenix Titan - Ripper

Finnish heavy metal band Phoenix Titan have released new track 'Ripper' which is inspired by a classical horror story.


Phoenix Titan have released horror inspired new heavy metal track 'Ripper'. Phoenix Titan were formed in 2014 in Hyvinkaa, Finland. The group released their debut album 'Avatar of Fire' in 2019 and it recieved lots of praise all around the world. Since touring wasn't possible through 2020 the band focused their time on creating new material. 'Ripper' is the follow up to the band's debut 2019 release. The lyrical theme and video for this song focus on the lurking and knife waving character that would be perfectly suited in Halloween tradition.

Band Line Up

Harri Ahola: Vocals Topi Vuorela: Guitar Santtu Rautianen: Guitar Juhana Ouaska: Bass Tatu Ruatianen: Drums

Watch the video for 'Ripper'

Listen to 'Ripper'

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Picture by Kalle Kervinen

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