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Pale Waves - Who Am I?

Album Name: Who Am I? Artist: Pale Waves Heather Baron-Gracie: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Hugo Silvani: Lead Guitar, Keyboard Charlie Wood: Bass Guitar, Keyboard Ciara Doran: Drums

Released: February 2021

Label: Dirty Hit

Rating: 7/10



  1. Change

  2. Fall To Pieces

  3. She's My Religion

  4. Easy

  5. Wish U Were Here

  6. Tomorrow

  7. You Don't Own Me

  8. I Just Needed You

  9. Odd Ones Out

  10. Run To

  11. Who Am I?

2000's nostalgia is definitely a feeling I get from Pale Waves new album "Who Am I?". Every song within this album contains catchy lyrics and a sound remiscent of things I would have blasted in my bedroom as a teenager. In a way "Who Am I?" almost feels like something Avril Lavigne would have dropped back in the Sk8er Boi days. The songs contained within this album tell stories of love, heartbreak and finding yourself in this messed up world. The album opens with "Change" which was the first single off of "Who Am I?" released in 2020. From this first release fans got a taste of the direction in which Pale Waves were moving with this new piece of work, entering into this era with a pop like guitar riff and a song that tells a story. Singles to follow such as, She's My Religion, Easy and You Don't Own Me kept to this jump around your bedroom blasting the songs full volume type vibe. She's My Religion especially I have seen to be a fan favourite on social media. These love songs from Pale Waves are beautiful and relatable but also manage to show that you can have strenght within yourself and still be in love. I find this to be very inspiring. A song I really want to talk about, a personal favourite of mine has to be "Tomorrow". This song touches upon various different issues that many people face, such as stigma around sexuality or the fact that in society there is a way that people are expected to look. "Tomorrow" is a song that I feel brings hope to anyone who listens that you are not alone and that you got this, just keep going, nothing will feel that bad forever. These important lyrics are paired with a song that instrumentally makes you wanna scream at the world or get up and jump around and let it all go. "Who Am I?" The title track from the album closes the high energy piece with a soft piano and acoustic guitar. A song that feels full of pain as you listen to "Heather Baron-Gracie" sing about questioning who she is and where she fits in, in the world. This song literally gave me goosebumps as the chorus began, the vocals are so strong and matched with the deep lyrics I couldn't help but be completely drawn into this song. I also think that having it close the album was a really interesting choice as it leaves you with something to think about. This album as a whole is a love story or something that gives hope but ending on "Who Am I?" makes you remember that these people that are looked up to and expected to deliver these inspiring messages maybe are just like us and that we are all human and we all struggle in our own ways. Overall I think that "Who Am I?" Is a great album and something that a lot of kids will find hope within. I also really like the nostalgic element of it as someone that grew up in the early 2000's it feels like it takes me back there. Listening to "Who Am I?" I just want to jump around in my room as a teenager again. Pale Waves are delivering something that I think will interest people, especially with the nostalgia element as I think that is something a lot of people have been searching for as we try to deal with the state the world is in.

Listen to "Who Am I?" here:

Pale Waves social media:

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