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Pale Waves - Fall To Pieces

Pale Waves show off their cool, grungy aesthetic with their video for "Fall To Pieces" off of their new album "Who Am I?"


Pale Waves video for "Fall To Pieces" shows off the cool style of this band. The video takes you on a sweeping tour of a building as you follow Heather-Baron Gracie the lead singer as she tells the tale of losing love. This video doesn't have a lot going on within it and I think that suits the song perfectly. Just a girl telling her story. However what this video does have is great styling. From the run down looking building to the various outfits which are worn by the band their is definitely enough for your eyes without any special effects or full on storyline. The song "Fall To Pieces" which is taken from the bands new album that was released under 24 hours before the video dropped, tells a story of knowing that your love with someone may be coming to an end. This is something that I think many people have experienced in their lives me included. It talks of that period where you know you shouldn't necessarily be with that person anymore but you just can't stay away. I think that Pale Waves have added another great video to their collection and with the new album we're seeing some really cool cinematic pieces from them. With "Fall To Pieces" they have proved that you don't need something over the top to create a video that people will enjoy and want to see.

You can watch the full video on Pale Waves Youtube here:

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