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Neversaid - Ghost

Neversaid deliver 2000's emo nostalgia with their upcoming single 'Ghost'.


London based, Neversaid are releasing their newest single 'Ghost' on the 27th of October. Neversaid are you're new favourite emo band. Combining elements from 2000's emo and modern hardcore Neversaid are creating a new emo sound that is totally their own. Drawing inspiration from My Chemical Romance to Trash Boat the outcome is a high intensity post hardcore sound that is heavy on emotion and rawness. The group who are steadily gaining attention have been seen on line ups with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, Dream State and Bleak Soul. 'Ghost' isn't your average song. The track which tells a story of someone who has emotionally checked out of a relationship long before it is over takes a deep dive into human emotion. This one throws emotion at you it's hard and fast and the vocals are almost shouting at times. It's very modern post hardcore but you can hear the emo influence especially in the lyrics. I have to say I am a fan of what Neversaid are doing and I think a lot of people will be a fan of 'Ghost'. I can almost hear a crowd of people chanting along with this chorus.

Catch Neversaid on tour

6th November - Ship Inn - Gillingham (free entry)

Pre Save 'Ghost' HERE

Neversaid are

Logan Samuel: Vocals Jordan Hibbert: Guitar Koda Boyce: Bass Lucian Thomas-Roemer: Drums

Neversaid online

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