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Milkyway Speedlimit - Survive

Post punk project Milkyway Speedlimit's song 'Survive' is a piece that blends dark and upbeat melodies to create a consuming soundscape.


Milkyway Speedlimit is a German based post punk project formed by P. Luxx and Cazz. They began releasing music last year with their three track single 'Televillusion' and now they are bringing new single 'Survive'. 'Survive' at first appears like an upbeat track with an enjoyable bassline before adding these dark drawn out type vocals that turn the track into something that feels more horror like. Moments throughout the song in my opinion definitely feel like they could belong on a dark thriller's soundtrack. The contradiction of dark and light in this song make it a really interesting listen and you never quite know where it's going to go next. It's one of those songs for me that I'm not sure whether I would listen to frequently as at times I thought it was a little disjointed and loud but then there were other more calm moments that I could enjoy. I will say that it is interesting and if you like music that's doesn't seem to follow a stereotypical formula then give this one a listen, it might be for you. Comparing 'Survive' to previous work by Milkyway Speedlimit I would say that it's not a favourite of mine. Previous release 'Stereotype' which features on 'Televillusion' I think is one I like more and in my opinion sounds like this suit the project more as the song feels put together and really fits into the dark vocal tone that is delivered. So if like me the new track 'Survive' isn't for you then I would recommend going and giving this one a listen.

Listen to 'Survive' HERE

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