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Machine Gun Kelly ft. Corpse - Daywalker!

The eagerly anticipated video for Machine Gun Kelly's "Daywalker!" has finally arrived. The video sees a special guest that I'm sure a lot of Corpse fans will be pleased to see.


Fans have been eagerly awaiting the video for Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse's song "Daywalker!". This whole project has been surrounded by a lot of hype on social media due to the popularity of both artists. Last night Machine Gun Kelly announced that the video would be released today. The video itself is a cool and colourful depiction of the song. It also sees a special guest for the part of Corpse, someone that I myself am I big fan of so it was really exciting to see this person fill in for his part. This led to a lot of fans joking "So Valkyrae was Corpse all along". The video for "Daywalker!" was directed by Machine Gun Kelly and Sam Cahill. The video features Youtube streamer Valkyrae.

You can watch the full video for "Daywalker!" on Machine Gun Kelly's Youtube here

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