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Machine Gun Kelly - Daywalker! (with Corpse)

Machine Gun Kelly releases angry vampire-esque track "Daywalker!" with popular internet personality Corpse.


Machine Gun Kelly has dropped his first song of the year a single titled "Daywalker!". The song is aggresive and sees the artist turn back to his rap roots. The collab with Corpse (Corpse Husband) has been teased on social media for a while with fans eagerly waiting to see what the two artists would create. In answer something that was far from disappointing, the two aritsts vocals match each other nicely and you can really hear the anger behind the lyrics espeically as they chant the word "Fight." Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse are both big personalities, especially on the internet so it's really cool to see them working together and this project has definitely gathered a lot of hype from fans of both artists. It's interesting to see that MGK has gone back to his rap roots before the drop of his graphic novel which is based on his 2019 album "Hotel Diablo". This is expected to be released in July 2021.

You can check out "Daywalker!" here

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