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Lost Division - Interview

Interview with Lost Division vocalist Maija Vaisanen and rhythm guitarist Antti Ovaska about their upcoming album 'Cuts and Scars' which is out on the 28th of May.


First question I have is how would you describe your own music?

We play female fronted metal-leaning hard rock.

I noticed that this line up of the band is fairly new, how did you all meet?

We all live in a small place in northern Finland, so we have known each other since we were kids, over 20 years now. Some of us have played together in different projects, but Lost Division is the first band we all play together in.

You guys have your debut album 'Cuts and Scars' coming out soon, what was the recording process like for this?

Album is pretty much like "diy-project". We have done all of the recordings in our own studio, excluding mixing and mastering. It was first album recordings ever to all of us, so it did take plenty of time to finish it. Funny times and we think it was worth it.

Was there a track on the album that was harder to create than others?

Definitely The Queen. The first demo was made many years ago, and the song changed many times. Some point we planned just to reject it. The final form took shape after Maija's new vocal melody. And we think it sounds pretty good.

How do you go about writing songs?

Music is mainly composed by Antti. Maija has composed all the vocal melodies and she writes the lyrics. Arrangements we do together as a band.

You're music touches on some pretty dark topics, do you find it therapeutic creating songs like this?

Sure it's some kind of therapy as well. The main thing is to provoke some discussion about these topics.

If you could describe 'Cuts and Scars' in three words, what would they be?

Melodic, melancholic and hard.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

M: Yes, I do sports and watch movies. I also enjoy the Finnish nature.

I see that you are actually described as a female fronted hard rock band. I know sometimes bands that are female led can be treated differently to male led bands in the industry. Have you found this yourself?

Luckily Not

I wanna quickly talk about your newest single 'No God', is there a story behind it?

No God is a story about facing one's death all alone, with nothing to believe in. It's an alternative ending.

What song off of 'Cuts and Scars' are you most excited to play live when shows return?

No God, I really like the energy of that song.

What is your favourite track off of 'Cuts and Scars'?

M: Mayhem and The Queen are my personal favourites.

Before we finish up I would like to do a quick this or that:

Cats or dogs?

M: Dogs

Books or movies?

M: Movies

Night in or night out?

M: Night in

Thank you for doing this, lastly is there anything you would like to add?

Can't wait to do some gigs! See you!

Interview by Kayleigh McKenzie


Listen to Lost Divisions newest single 'No God' and watch the video HERE

Pre save 'Cuts and Scars' HERE

Pre order the 'Cuts and Scars' CD HERE

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