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Lost Division - Cuts and Scars

Album Name: Cuts and Scars

Artist: Lost Division

Maija Vaisanen: Vocals Antti Ovaska: Rhythm Guitar Jaakko Kurpi: Lead Guitar Mikael Luukela: Bass Juha-Matti Sipola: Drums

Released: May 2021

Label: Inverse Records

Rating: 5/10


Album Artwork: Juho Jalagin


01. In Memoriam 2.0

02. Trapped

03. Stay

04. I'd Rather Die

05. No God

06. The Queen

07. The Killer

08. Lovely Day

09. Insanity

10. Mayhem

Finnish hard rock band Lost Division are releasing their debut album 'Cuts and Scars' on the 28th of May 2021. This project has a slight classic feel to it and is full of epic guitar solos. The songs on 'Cuts and Scars' seem unclean and raw like you could have literally just stepped into a room where the band are jamming and taken a seat. 'Cuts and Scars' began in 2019 after Lost Division gained a new singer and it was completed in 2020. Lost Division only released their first single in 2018 (Wish You Were Dead) and this will be their first full length piece. 'Cuts and Scars' is a 10 track hard rock listening experience and has given the band three singles (Trapped, The Queen, No God). The album was recorded at Liiteri Studios, it was mixed by Mika Lammassoari at Demolition Center Studios and was mastered by Stefan Ponmerin at Illusia Productions. When I started listening to this album I was very interested in the guitars and drums. Instrumentally 'Cuts and Scars' is a blend of hard rock, classic rock and even hints of metal. This is especially seen in first single 'Trapped' which is probably my favourite off of the album. A theme I found throughout was the great guitar solo's, almost every song contained one and they really added some excitement to 'Cuts and Scars'. However I do have a downside for this album and that is that personally I didn't really enjoy the vocals I think that within all of the songs they felt just a little bit too shouty for my liking. So at the moment this band is not for me but I am interested to maybe check them out again in the future when they've had a bit more time to figure out their perfect sound.

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