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EP Name: Go! Go! Go!

Artist: LOBSTERBOMB Nico Rosch: Vocals & Guitar Crayon Jones: Guitar Vik Chi: Drums

Released: July 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 6.5/10



  1. I Want Noise

  2. Monster

  3. Ready To Go

  4. Wake Up

  5. Yes Yes Yeah

LOBSTERBOMB's debut EP 'Go! Go! Go!' which will be released on the 30th of July is a loud punk, indie-garage rock experience. The five track EP includes three previously heard singles (Yes Yes Yeah, I Want Noise, Wake Up) plus two new tracks. 'Go! Go! Go!' is energetic and raw, exposing inner feelings and creating a safe space to shout about them. LOBSTERBOMB were formed in 2020 in a Berlin basement. The band met through posting handwritten classified ads on the Instagram page @weformedaband which is run by the group GURR. After many failed attempts at individually starting bands LOBSTERBOMB have come together determined to make this happen. 'Go! Go! Go!' has themes of personal introspection, desire for change and individual growth. It also explores feelings of frustration, doubt and fear but putting that alongside a sense of optimism that positive change is within reach. This mix of darker lyricism and high energy riffs creates this explosive punk like sound. The EP was recorded in a DIY like fashion but in my opinion you wouldn't be able to tell that this wasn't done totally professionally, it was also mixed by popular German punk band member Peter Thoms (Akne Kid Joe). 'I Want Noise' which is the first song that welcomes you into the EP to me felt very 70s punk inspired. I really liked the kind of chilled out instrumentals and the way that was mixed with these agressive, punchy vocals. This song even contains a nice little vocal harmony towards the end.

"Originally released March 8th, I Want Noise is a song for when quiet meditation is not enough and you need to release your frustrations by being wild and loud."

My personal favourite song on the EP has to be one of the unheard ones 'Monster', the guitar throughout this song is really cool and in the intro even reminded me of bands like the Dead Kennedy's. As with other songs by LOBSTERBOMB I wasn't entirely in love with the vocals but they do suit the song and help put across the introspective message.

"(Monster is) a darker and introspective song that looks at how the path to healing starts with staring down your inner demons. Painful and harsh truths are a necessary part of releasing yourself from a cycle of negativity and finding your way."

Overall, 'Go! Go! Go!' is a cool EP, everything about it suits the band and their style. The fact it's DIY is still impressive to me. I think that LOBSTERBOMB maybe still have a bit of learning to do together musically but they have only been together for a year. For a first EP this isn't bad and I'm maybe being more critical because it's something I wouldn't normally pick out to listen to. Throughout the five tracks you can hear an essence of the past but also a new moderninity which keeps it exciting. LOBSTERBOMB have some upcoming performances planned to support the release in Berlin and across Germany, so if you're in the areas check it out.

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Picture by Andie Riekstina

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