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Linn Koch-Emmery - Being The Girl

Album Name: Being The Girl

Artist: Linn Koch-Emmery

Released: May 2021

Label: Boys Tears

Rating: 7/10



  1. (teething)

  2. Hologram Love

  3. No Place for You

  4. Linn RIP

  5. Dirty Words

  6. Wake Up

  7. (The Globe In Morning Lane, June 4th)

  8. Blow My Mind

  9. Paralyzed

  10. Hard To Love

  11. Lasershot

Swedish Indie artist Linn Koch-Emmery's long awaited debut album 'Being The Girl' is like taking a look into her personal diary. The songs within have some pretty deep lyrics which are paired with this fun guitar-driven pop sound that is impossible not to bop along to. Linn Koch-Emmery made her debut in 2017 and her EP 'Waves' which was released in 2018 and saw the artsit dubbed "Future Artist" by Swedish P3, this led to her first European tour which had over 60 stops. Since then she has released four singles which are part of 'Being The Girl'. 'Hologram Love', 'Linn RIP' and 'Blow My Mind' have all recieved strong radio support in Sweden, Norway, England and USA. I can totally understand why, I really enjoyed listening to all of these songs, especially 'Blow My Mind' which is almost anthemy in the chorus and feels like the most guitar focussed on the album. 'Being The Girl' is described like Linn Koch-Emmery's diary of her life, from listening to 90s British and American bands from the age of 12 to learning her first chords on a borrowed guitar she became obsessed with the idea of one day being able to play at Wembley Stadium. I definitely get the diary entry vibe from 'Being The Girl', specifically in songs such as 'Paralyzed' which to me felt so vulnerable and honest that it really did seem as a listener that I was getting a look into the personal thoughts of this artist.

"For me, songwriting has always been more about feelings than finesse. In my world, the best song is a song where you can cry and run to at the same time, that balances on the border between euphoria and sadness. This album contains everything from straightforward guitar pop songs, personal emotional holes to diary entries and dark humour and irony, as an attempt of self-distance from myself" - (Linn Koch-Emmery)

'Being The Girl' is going to be released on May 7th 2021 through the artists own label Boys Tears, the record was produced by Niklas Berglof.

'Being The Girl' is an album I personally really enjoyed listening to. There are some really deep and relatable moments within. In the sound it was catchy and full of super fun rhythms. In a way I kind of got a Meg Myers type vibe from this artist, so if you're a fan of her or artists like that I would recommend checking this out. My personal favourite song from this album has to be the newest single 'Hard To Love', this one had pretty repetitive chorus lyrics but that made it really easy to sit and sing along with. I really enjoyed the rhythm of it and much like the rest of 'Being The Girl' even with these deep personal lyrics there is something really feelgood and fun to be enjoyed here.

You can pre save 'Being The Girl' or check out some of Linn Koch-Emmery's previously released music here

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