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Limehouse - Interview

I caught up with the guys from Stockholm based alternative band Limehouse. In the interview we discuss new single 'Just Like That', upcoming shows and the band experimenting with a new style.


Band Members:

David Rapp: Vocals Erik Thorell: Keyboard & Guitar Alex Florentin Baud: Guitar Fernando Hermida: Bass Kristoffer Forslund: Drums

Hey thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you today?

F: Thanks to you, Kayleigh. This is our first interview ever so it will remain in history haha. We are really good; summer is coming and that puts us in a good mood.

How did you all come together to form Limehouse?

A: That's an interesting question! Me, David and Erik originally started out with the purpose of gigging and ocassionally releasing music. Bad news is that this was back in January 2020 right before the virus! So we decided that it was best to spend our time in the studio and to really refine and define our sound before we hit the stage.

If you had to describe your newest single 'Just Like That' in three words, what would they be?

A: Collective, Innovative and Vision.

Do you have a favourite lyric from 'Just Like That'?

F: The first two lines are my favourites "I had only seen you in pictures/ You were a mystery to me" because it represents very well what happens nowadays with virutal relationships.

I see you guys are working on a video for 'Just Like That', can you give anything away about that?

A: No, we don't reveal anything to the public unless it's signed by each of us. Our vision is constantly changing and we never really settle, it's evolving every minute.

You're newer singles have taken a more pop sound than your EP 'Floralia', why did you decide to go more in this direction?

A: In the beginning, David and me were assigned to do some studio work to complete and refine Eriks vision. The Floralia EP is more Erik than the rest of us, and it was before Kristoffer and Fernando joined! We decided since then to work towards a more collective vision, where we can benefit off of our different inspirations and turn them into creative aspirations.

Can we expect more of the indie rock style from Limehouse again or will you be sticking to the more pop/neo soul sound?

F: Definitely, we are going to experiment much more with pop/neo soul. We really enjoy it.

What song that you've released are you most proud of?

F: We are really proud of Just Like That because we worked so hard on it. We were in charge of production, artwork, composing, everything. It's a real DIY song.

You guys are playing some shows in summer, as you have quite a few new songs are you excited to get out and play them?

A: Yes absolutely! We can't wait to bring our material, both unreleased and released and perform them in front of audiences. It is going to be a relief to finally perform our songs and work on our chemistry on stage and to see the publics reaction.

What song do you think you are most excited to play live?

F: Probably Close Enough, Just Like That and some other songs we are cooking up.

Where can people expect to see you guys playing this year?

F: We are bringing something fresh to the Stockholm music scene. We really want people to feel that the world stops spinning and forget what happens out there. That's what good music is all about.

What of your own songs would be the best to cry to?

A: Nobody Like You ofc!

Similar to the last question which song would be the best to get up and dance to?

A: It would be our latest single, Just Like That!

Before we go I have a few quick this or that questions for you

Cold or hot weather?

Hot weather

Phone call or text?

Phone call

Horror movie or comedy?


Very last thing, do you have anything you would like to add for people reading this?

F: This last year has been so hard for independant artists around the world. We would like to ask the people to try and support as many artists as you can by listening to one of their songs, sharing them and going to their shows when it is allowed.

Interview by Kayleigh McKenzie


Check out Limehouse's music HERE

Limehouse's social media

Read more about their single 'Just Like That' below

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