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Itiswhatitis - Hilt (Lyric Video)

Emo newcomers Itiswhatitis have released a lyric video for their new song 'Hilt', the video shows footage from a live show, something we are all missing at the moment.


Itiswhatitis are a fairly new band, releasing their first music in 2019 with the two tracks on 'Volume. 1' this new song 'Hilt' will be the bands fourth track. The video for 'Hilt' gives us some footage from a live show in which we see everyone having fun as the lyrics play over the screen. This is an interesting choice as it gives the viewer more than just an ordinary lyric video with words on a screen. It's nice having that little bit extra to digest. The song itself has some really beautiful guitar work. I have since hearing this gone and listened to other pieces by Itiswhatitis and I really am in love with the guitar in all their songs. However for me personally I don't know if this will be a band I add to my regular listening. They are very emo to the point you really feel like the vocalist is screaming at you and getting his problems out. Personally I just found this a bit too much but if you are interested in hearing a really raw and emotional track then this might be for you.

Video produced, mixed & mastered by Jojo Centineo

You can watch the full video for 'Hilt' on Itiswhatitis's Youtube here

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