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IKITAN - Twenty-Twenty Live at Forte Geremia 2021

IKITAN perform their debut EP 'Twenty-Twenty' at old millitary fort Forte Geremia which creates this beautiful cinematic experience.


IKITAN released their first EP 'Twenty-Twenty' in November of 2020 which contains one instrumental song that lasts twenty minutes and twenty seconds. The band are now showing off the song as a live piece surrounded by the beauty of Forte Geremia. This experience will be shared on the 25th of June 2021. The heavy post-rock trio were formed in 2019 in Genoa, Italy. The way they play shows off this jam session like attitude and while watching this video I could see that they are doing this because they enjoy it. IKITAN's EP 'Twenty-Twenty' was well recieved by fans and critiques and it gained the band over forty reviews and a dozen of interviews. They are now currently working on their first album. This live video of 'Twenty-Twenty' gives a nice depth to the EP. By being able to see the band perform it live you can see how much they enjoy their own music. The location for this video was also a great choice and actually really fits with their musical style. The sweeping guitar sounds as the camera pans over the stunning hillside is really something to witness. This twenty minute live video was something that I got totally lost in. The band are clearly very good at what they do and the song itself is a creative adventure, even with it being one of the longest songs I've personally listened to it doens't get boring at all. The pace is always changing and I don't think there was a single moment where I lost focus, add that with the perfect location and this video is something I would really recommend checking out, especially if you are into bands such as Tool, Yawning Man, Russian Circles, My Sleeping Karma and Pelican.

'Twenty-Twenty Live at Forte Geremia' credits

Video: Squeasy Film Sound Engineer: Stefano Gualtieri Mix & Master: IKITAN Pictures: Gezabel & Sara Forte Geremia's Staff: Manuela & Stefano Hand Made Guitar: Julian Carpenter T-Shirt: Ezio IKITAN's Patch: Superb Patch IKITAN's Socks: Napit . It Drum Bass Skin: Redhouse Drums IKITAN's Artwork: Luca Marcenaro


Luca "Nash" Nasciuti: Guitar Bass: Frik ET Drums & Cowbell: Enrico Meloni

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