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Diamante - Ghost Myself

The 'Ghost Myself' video sees Diamante in a physical 'Fight Club' type setting which is like a metaphor for fighting your own demons.


Diamante's new video for 'Ghost Myself' sees her in a 'Fight Club' type situation with other strong woman and is a representation of them fighting their own demons. The styling and costume design of this video is very grungy and has this badass vibe to it. I'm kind of imagining this being the start of the movie where the characters are in the dirt away to rise. 'Ghost Myself' was Diamante's third single after breaking away from Better Noise Records and becoming an independant artist back in early 2020. As well as announcing this music video Diamante also revealed the name of her new album 'American Dream'. This will be her first album that she has released independantly and her second album overall. After 2018's 'Coming In Hot' I am sure 'American Dream' will also be an amazing album full of bangers.

"I think "Ghost Myself" is a perfect indicator of the level of honesty and vulnrability you're going to hear from me on this new album..." (Diamante, AP)

You can read more about the debut of Diamante's Ghost Myself on Alternative Press here

You can watch the full video for 'Ghost Myself' on Diamante's Youtube here

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