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Contour - Shut Your Mouth

Toronto based alt rock band Contour's track 'Shut Your Mouth' is one for any emo and alt rock lover.


''Shut Your Mouth' by Contour captures the essence of emo songwriting and I'm surprised more people aren't already listening to the Toronto group.

It's an emo/punk song about classism and not looking down on people who didn't grow with the same privileges as others." - (Contour)

Taken from Contour's EP 'I Can See How This Ends', 'Shut Your Mouth' was released as a single back on the 29th of August this year (2023). The song is easily for fans of bands like Thrice or Brand New with its emo/alt rock/punk style. This is a song you could imagine being written by someone alone in their bedroom but it's not teenage whiny, it's a fully rounded track that shows some pretty impressive vocals. Honestly, I am very surprised that Contour aren't more popular already as they are clearly very talented songwriters. 'Shut Your Mouth' balances the softer more "emo" moments with almost shouting vocals that are filled with emotion. I will be listening to this track again and if you're a fan of emo alt bands then check out Contour and their new EP 'I Can See How This Ends'.

Listen to the full EP 'I Can See How This Ends' HERE

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