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Callidice - Emperor's New Clothes

Finnish melodic death metal band Callidice have just released a new song 'Emperor's New Clothes' which is a dystopic story of totalitarian regime.


Formed in 2014 by five friends the Finnish group Callidice began. They put out their debut album 'Anthem for Resistance' in 2018 and not long after the original vocalist left the group. As of 2020 they found themselves a new vocalist and are now working on new music including this dark track 'Emperor's New Clothes'.

"The idea for the lyrics began to form when we started seeing some quite worrying actions by the leaders to the east and to the west. While writing I occassionally felt uneasy about how almost dystopian situations are starting to look. How have we come to this and where might we end up? The respoinsibility is shared by everyone." - (Vocalist, Tero Ollilainen)

Callidice's three song EP is due to be released in late Spring of 2021.

You can listen to 'Emperor's New Clothes' at any of the following links:

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