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Artist: ALXNDR

Released: November 2023

Rating: 8/10



  1. ANX!ETY

  2. Degenerate

  3. FBA (Did You Dirty)

  4. Forget Me

  5. RED

ALXNDR gives fans a look into his personal stories with his highly anticipated debut EP 'DEGENERATE'. ALXNDR started out his musical journey at a young age. When the Texas based artist was nine years old he used to play live music with his Dad, gaining him opportunities to share stages with the likes of Bon Jovi, Chevelle and Mike Shinoda. Now twenty years later ALXNDR is embarking on his own solo project. This debut EP focusses on personal issues and ALXNDR is creating music that can help others feel less alone with their struggles. The highly personal 'DEGENERATE' was produced by Andy K (Magnolia Park/408) and HXXLIGAN while also featuring Joe Horsham (Magnolia Park) on drums. With 'DEGENERATE' ALXNDR captures individual stories and in true pop punk fashion combines them with upbeat and catchy melodies. The EP specifically is focussed on sensitive subjects such as; parental abuse, failed relationships, anxiety, sexualisation and being an outcast. Opening up the EP is 'ANX!ETY' where ALXNDR expresses his own personal relationship with his own mind.

"It actually is talking about the battle I have in my own mind. The anxiety of just existing, the anxiety of chasing dreams that may never come true, the anxiety of feeling like I was made for more but knowing I am just a speck on a speck in a speck in the universe. So here I present my song 'Anxiety' to hopefully help someone who struggles with it all, know that even someone who hasn't dealt with it as long as most, completely understands and sympathises." - (ALXNDR)

'ANX!ETY' which takes the narrative of someone talking directly to someone about their issues. It's clearly a very emotion driven track which has this repetitive full sounding guitar melody throughout. From this first song ALXNDR will grab you attention with his pop punk songwriting talents. This one even dips into a heavy rock style with it's stunning guitar solo and even at times could be compared to A Day To Remember song. The second track 'Degenerate' is also a little bit more chilled out than the later tracks on the EP. This one is simple but a good pop punk song, it also features Yung'cid. I don't have too much to say on it except that it's a good song, it gets lost a little on the EP but I wouldn't skip it. 'FBA (Did You Dirty)' if I remember correctly is the song that got me into ALXNDR. From the infectious energy of the big chorus I was hooked, and I haven't stopped listening to this one since it's release. It's a pop leaning pop punk song that focusses on the sometimes blurry line between love and lust which makes it very relatable for a lot of people. 'FBA (Did You Dirty)' is a song that I can't help but sing a long and boogie along with. 'Forget Me' is the second last track on the EP and is one I have named as my track of the week when it was previously released as a single. It's infectious and high energy pop punk that commands your attention. It's got the perfect vibe for a summer radio track and I personally cannot get enough of 'Forget Me'. Closing 'DEGENERATE' is 'RED', despite it being ALXNDR's first single I actually hadn't listened to this one before and I have been missing out. This one has quickly jumped to the top, as my favourite track of his. I would say it's the most rock feeling yet still has catchy pop melodies. 'RED' is full sounding alt rock with a pop punk edge and will get the lyric "I'm seeing red" stuck in your head. Overall, ALXNDR has created an EP that not only delivers real and relatable stories but bright and catchy songs that could all get stuck in your head. The 'DEGENERATE' EP gives pop punk fans five addictive tracks that you'll want to return to again and again. I can't hype this guy up enough, I am absolutely loving his work and am so happy to finally have the whole EP to just stick on repeat. I recommend everyone go check this out, you won't be disappointed.

Listen to the 'DEGENERATE' EP HERE

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