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Starbenders - Time Stops (acoustic) (from "Paradise City")

Another song from the Paradise City soundtrack has been released. This time it is the hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of Starbenders song 'Time Stops'.


The Paradise City soundtrack is full of many talented artists. A lot of the music you hear within the tv series comes from musicians that are signed with Sumerian Records and it really is a great showcase for them. I am personally enjoying seeing reworked versions of songs that are already in existence such as Starbenders, 'Time Stops'. The song is shown within the series as lead singer 'Kimi Shelter' sits alone in a coffee shop with her guitar. This version of 'Time Stops' feels more emotionally fueled and has a sort haunting quality to it. The original track is lyrically very meaningful and this adaptation makes it even easier to get lost in the story that is being told. Paradise City is available to watch on Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, Microsoft, Fandango and Plex.

Starbenders are

Kimi Shelter: Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar Kriss Tokaji: Rhythm & Lead Guitar Aaron Lecesne: Bass Emily Moon: Drums

You can watch 'Paradise City' on the available platforms here

You can listen to 'Time Stops (acoustic)' here

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