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Starbenders - Live From Maze

Starbenders give fans a Valentine's treat with their energetic live set from Maze Studios.


Starbenders give fans a Valentines treat with their live set from Maze Studios. They play many songs from "Love Potions" including new song "Salt". Also within this set is "Diet Soda" a fan favourite from their 2016 album "Heavy Petting". The 30 minute video lets fans experience some kind of live music while concerts are still on hold. The bands high energy makes this a really enjoyable watch. Starbenders are also costumed in black and red outfits fitting the colour scheme of the deluxe version of "Love Potions" that dropped on the same day. As well as getting to listen to some live music they're is also little clips of the band in between songs that show them messing around and having a good time. I think having these clips adds something cute to the video and gives a little bit of personality rather than just watching another virtual concert. Songs that are played within the video: Hangin' On Tonight Death By Amplifier Precious Diet Soda Never Gonna Die Holy Mother Salt Something Ain't Right

You can watch the full video on Sumerian Records Youtube here:

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