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Papa Roach - Greatest Hits Vol.2 The Better Noise Years

Album Name: Greatest Hits Vol.2 The Better Noise Years Artist: Papa Roach Jacoby Shaddix: Lead Vocals Jerry Horton: Guitar, Backing Vocals Tobin Esperance: Bass, Programming, Backing Vocals Tony Palermo: Drums Released: March 2021 Label: Better Noise Music Rating: 8/10



  1. Born For Greatness - Remastered 2020

  2. Help - Remastered 2020

  3. Elevate - Remastered 2020

  4. Come Around - Remastered 2020

  5. Broken As Me (feat Danny Wornsop of Asking Alexandria)

  6. Falling Apart - Remastered 2020

  7. Who Do You Trust? - Remastered 2020

  8. Gravity - Remastered 2020

  9. American Dreams - Remastered 2020

  10. Face Everything and Rise - Remastered 2020

  11. Periscope - Remastered 2020

  12. Still Swingin' - Remastered 2020

  13. The Ending - Remastered 2020

  14. Burn - Remastered 2020

  15. Kick In The Teeth - Remastered 2020

  16. Elevate - Aelonia Remix

  17. Help - Aelonia Remix

  18. Born For Greatness - Cymek Remix

  19. Top of the World - Aelonia Remix

  20. Face Everything and Rise - Live Acoustic

  21. Leader of the Broken Hearts - Live Acoustic

"Greatest Hits Vol.2 The Better Noise Years" shows off Papa Roach's succesful music collection that they have put out over the last 10 years (between 2010 and 2020). Featuring songs from: Time For Annihilation (2010) The Connection (2012) F.E.A.R (2015) Crooked Teeth (2017) Who Do You Trust? (2019) Papa Roach reallly have been busy over the past ten years releasing an album practically every two. Putting out another greatest hits album seems like it would make sense for them and also gives them a chance to put this ten year era to bed and move into something new. Having the album open with "Born For Greatness" I think was a great choice as in my opinion this was a song that really defined the era for them and stood out. When I think of newer Papa Roach music this is always a song that comes to mind really quickly. The high energy track is one of their most listened to songs out of their whole discography and is one that I believe a lot of fans find comfort in as the song sings about hope and being able to achieve anything you want. The remix's on this album were also really cool. I particularly enjoyed the "Top of the World - Aelonia Remix" and the "Born For Greatness - Cymek Remix", these two tracks had a very different style from each other but I thought that both artists added their own spin on the already loved songs and turned them into something even bigger. The "Born For Greatness" remix is lower and sees Shaddix's vocals muffled and has this almost lo-fi vibe to it. Whereas the "Top of the World" remix sees the song taken to an even higher energy than it had before, it feels completely different to the original song and it is so epic. "Greatest Hits Vol.2 The Better Noise Years" also features a couple of acoustics at the end of the piece "Face Everything and Rise" and "Leader of the Broken Hearts". Both these songs show of the talent of Shaddix with this vocals feeling more exposed than normal. I found that especially in "Leader of the Broken Hearts" this created something where you could really feel the pain behind the song and get lost within the story of heartbreak. This album features a lot of amazing artists such as: Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria) on Broken As Me Maria Brink (In This Moment) on Gravity Skylar Grey on Periscope Aelonia on the remix's of Elevate, Help & Top of the World Cymek on the remix of Born for Greatness Overall it's really nice to have a collection of the songs that have been loved avidly by Papa Roach fans over the past ten years. Listening to this album gave me a kind of sense of nostalgia as I remembered the first time I heard each and every track. "Greatest Hits Vol.2 The Better Noise Years" will be an album that is cherished by many. It is also the album that sees the band move to the label Better Noise Music so I am excited to see what projects are to come from Papa Roach with a new label.

You can listen to "Greatest Hits Vol.2 The Better Noise Years" here Papa Roach social media:


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