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Funeral Lakes - Redeemer

EP Name: Redeemer

Artist: Funeral Lakes Chris Hemer (he/him) Sam Mishos (she/her)

Released: August 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 8/10



  1. Solstice

  2. Place I Stay

  3. Saint Dymphna

  4. There's Got To Be Something Better Soon

New EP from Funeral Lakes is this nice, pretty chilled out indie four track project. 'Redeemer' was created by the duo over the winter and will be available on the 20th of August. Based in Kingston, Ontario the Canadian duo began in the Spring of 2018 originally self producing music in Vancouver. They're debut 2019 self titled album gained them a lot of positive reviews. The album was lyrically focused on uncertainty and Citrus Magazine called it "a thoughtful and dreamy neo folk reverie". Funeral Lakes were supposed to perform at the Sled Island Festival in 2020 but due to Covid this opportunity changed and instead they spent time focussing on creating the 'Golden Season' EP. 'Golden Season' saw Funeral Lakes have a rise in media attention and they are now bringing their next EP 'Redeemer' which was created over the winter. 'Redeemer' was a self produced project that was recorded at home. With the four tracks the duo explore meaning of faith and justice while interrogating the tension between them. This EP asks the questions Who gets to grant forgiveness? And What does it mean to be irredeemable? 'Redeemer' also sees Andrew McLeod (Sunnsetter) play drums on 'Solstice' and 'Place I Stay' which were recorded by him remotely.

Check out most recent video from Funeral Lakes 'Earth Falls'

'Redeemer' is an EP that I really enjoyed it's chilled out indie/pop sound reminds me of the likes of Of Monsters and Men specifially in the first track 'Solstice'. 'Solstice' is the first single to come off of 'Redeeemer' and I have to say I have been listening to it quite a bit since I found out about Funeral Lakes. The song has this sort of fairytale like storytelling to it which is something I really enjoy, especially when coupled with more serious issues and questions. As I said 'Redeemer' is a really chilled out EP, the most upbeat one on there in my opinion has to be 'Place I Stay', this is one I was definitely bopping along with and I really liked the guitar melody that was presented throughtout.

I always like to choose a favourite from an EP or an album, it was really hard to pick one from 'Redeemer' as I think they are all equally matched but after thinking about it I would choose 'Saint Dymphna' this one has this sad tone throughout it but somehow doesn't feel like a sad song. Opening with and repeating the lyric "Are you listening?", a direct question to the listener it is one that makes you think and showed something that I really enjoy when listening to music, the ability to completely connect with the listener through song. Overall I would say check this one out when it's released on the 20th. It's 100% worth it and is a great EP to just sit and listen to, or have it on in the background when you're working, or to enjoy while out on a walk in the sun. It's one of those EP's that seems to have so many faces but can still fit every situation. From chilled out, to upbeat, to sad, to happy, it really can allow you to feel every emotion.

Check out Funeral Lakes and pre order 'Redeemer' HERE

Photo by Roy Zheng

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