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Bloodbeat - Process of Extinction

Album Name: Process of Extinction

Artist: Bloodbeat

Jason Kuhn: Vocals & Guitar

Daniel Dokic: Guitar Fux: Bass Paul Hopp: Drums

Released: June 2021

Label: Inverse Records

Rating: 7/10


Artwork by: Alex Tartsus


  1. Creative Murder

  2. Beyond the Skeletons

  3. Pulse

  4. No Control

  5. Permanent Shadows

  6. Intention to Kill

  7. Rigor Mortis

  8. Slow Decompose

'Process of Extinction' by Bloodbeat isn't an album made for easy listening, the eight track death metal project that will be released on the 18th of June lyrically focusses on the dark parts of humanity and if you really sit and listen to what's being said you will be left wandering why some people are so twisted. The Berlin based band were formed back in 2014 by remaining member Jason Kuhn and a few members that are no longer in the band (Brian Naunheim, Sascha Rankel, Tom Liebig). Within their first year Bloodbeat had put together a self produced four track demo and by the summer of 2016 they were in the studio recording their first album 'Murderous Art'. In 2017 current members Paul Hopp (Annexation) and Fux (Sinners Bleed) joined the lineup and in 2018 the band performed support for Napalm Death in Berlin. In 2020 'Process of Extinction' was created and they shot a video for this in the hall of "Orwo Haus". During the last year Brian Naunheim left Bloodbeat due to conflicts and was replaced by friend of the band Daniel Dokic.

'Process of Extinction' in my opinion is a really good album, before listening to it I had only heard recent single 'No Control' from Bloodbeat and honestly I wasn't a fan of that song so didn't go into this album expecting to like it but to my surprise I did. I don't think that the singles from 'Process of Extinction' are a good indicator of what this album will be, for me they are probably the weaker sounding songs on there. I found that Bloodbeat throughout this album kept a change of pace within the songs and as much as I did find the tracks themselves to be quite similar and just your typical death metal there are elements that keep it interesting and enjoyable to listen to the full way through. Songs like 'Permanent Shadows' had me feeling really hyped up and was a song I would love to be headbanging to in a crowd. My favourite song on 'Process of Extinction' has to be 'Beyond the Skeletons' this song starts with a really nice guitar riff and I can't even explain how much I enjoyed the guitar solo in this one. Vocally it wasn't the strongest on 'Process of Extinction' but the vocals were still enjoyable to listen to and the instruments in this song blew me away to the point I didn't even mind that one part may not have been perfect. The drums throughout 'Beyond the Skeletons' keep up this insane pace and for me as a listener this kept me fully invested in what I was hearing. 'Process of Extinction' was recorded and mixed by Marc Wustenhagen at Duilhero Recordings. Would I recommend this album to you guys? For any metal fan hell yeah! The whole thing is heavy through and through as there aren't any calm, soft or slow songs in here. An album for getting up and headbanging to but also to sit and listen to the lyrics and allow yourself some time to reflect on humanity and the devastation we have caused. Bloodbeat in my opinion are a gorup of very talented musicians and I believe they could be pretty succesful in music. So go check them out and on the 18th listen to 'Process of Extinction' the full way through, I think that's the best way to experience it.

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