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Black Veil Brides - Crimson Skies

New lyric, comic book style music video has been released along with new single 'Crimson Skies' from Black Veil Brides ahead of their 'The Phantom Tomorrow' album.


Black Veil Brides may have had to postpone the release of their next album 'The Phantom Tomorrow' to late October but that doesn't mean they are leaving us lacking in content. A new single 'Crimson Skies' has been released accompanied by this creative video. 'The Phantom Tomorrow' is going to be a concept record from Black Veil Brides but it seems quite different from the 2013 'Wretched and Divine'. In the video for 'Crimson Skies' we get to see more of the hero like character "Blackbird" as he battles with the apparent "bad guys". The idea for this story came from front man Andy Biersack who is known to be a lover of comic books, especially Batman. It's no surprise that Black Veil Brides would be creating storylines, records, or videos that go along with this superhero like narrative. This video is well put together and the talent behind the illustrations and editing is apparent. It really feels like you are watching a comic book rather than watching a music video. The song 'Crimson Skies' is another good track to come from 'The Phantom Tomorrow' however I don't think it's the strongest compared to 'Scarlet Cross' or 'Fields of Bone'. Don't get me wrong I am a big Black Veil Brides fan and I do really enjoy the song I just feel like at times it is lacking that extra ooomph that the other tracks we have already heard had. There is a really nice guitar solo in this one though that I think for me wins for the guitar solos so far. The video for 'Crimson Skies' was created by Ale & Cake Illustrations and Tim Edwards.

Check out the video for 'Crimsons Skies' on Sumerian Records Youtube HERE

Pre order 'The Phantom Tomorrow' HERE

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