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August Burns Red - Guardians Sessions EP

Album: Guardians Sessions EP

Artist: August Burns Red Jake Luhrs: Lead Vocals John Benjamin "JB" Brubaker: Lead Guitar Brent Rambler: Rhythm Guitar Dustin Davidson: Bass, Backing Vocals Matt Greiner: Drums, Piano

Released: April 2021

Label: Fearless Records

Rating: 7/10



  1. Standing In The Storm

  2. ICarus

  3. Chop Suey!

  4. Westworld

  5. Paramount - Reprise

  6. Extinct By Instinct - Reprise

August Burns Red's new EP Guardians Sessions sees the Pennsylvanian group recreate a couple of their tracks from their 2020 Guardians album while also indulging listeners with two covers and a couple of new tracks. The reprised songs 'Paramount' and 'Extinct By Instinct' have this really old worldy tv soundtrack type vibe to them. I could imagine watching men battling on a hill with long hair and beards while listening to this. I found 'Extinct By Instinct' to be somewhat calming, I think it would be a really nice song to put on while you just want some time to relax and take your mind away from real life The two covers on this EP really stole it for me. The 'Westworld' cover is so interesting and different to listen to and then there's the 'Chop Suey!' cover, I don't know many people that could pull off covering the legends that are System of a Down but August Burns Red have done it and they have done it amazingly. I remember when I first heard this when it came out as a single in 2020 I was completely blown away. They keep the song close enough to the original that it doesn't ruin what's already a great song but they definitely put their own spin on it. The track 'ICarus' which was the last single to be released before the EP dropped was originally supposed to be on the Guardians album but it didn't make the cut. The B side features clean vocals from Bassist Dustin Davidson.

"It's the first ABR song that I've sang on, and for fans of my side project, Best Case Scenario, I think you'll hear the influence sprinkled throughout this one." - (Dustin Davidson)

Overall the Guardians Sessions EP is a great addition to August Burns Red discography. It's something a little different from them and it is quite nice to just sit and listen to. August Burns Red releasing this means that fans are getting songs that probably would have been forgotten after the Guardians era so it's nice to have something a little bit extra. However it's for obvious reasons not as strong as full albums and for that reason it's not something that I can see myself listening to regularly but I will be enjoying 'Extinct By Instinct - Reprise' on a rainy day and that 'Chop Suey!' cover definitely is on a few of my playlists.

You can listen to 'Guardians Sessions EP' here

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