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Traverse the Abyss - Frankenshuffle

The video for 'Frankenshuffle' by Traverse the Abyss gives Halloween like fun while showing that the guys from Scranton don't take themselves too seriously.


From Scranton, PA metal/metalcore band Traverse the Abyss have showed their fun side once again proving that they are a group that refuse to take themselves too seriously and are very capable of infusing humour into thumping metalcore. Traverse the Abyss made their debut back in 2016 and since then have made a few releases such as 2016 album 'The Gamble of Life', their self-titled EP in 2018 and a couple of singles '2nd Place Superstar' (2019) and 'Ghost' (2020). Alongside this the band have shared the stage with touring artists such as Motionless In White, Whitechapel, Attila, Chelsea Grin, The Acacia Strain, Miss May I, Upon A Burning Body, Volumes and more. This humour filled video that opens with the typical after a great party scene, instantly lets you know this it isn't going to be something serious. Also incorporating the dance move which I will assume is called the 'Frankenshuffle' based on the title of the song really just makes this something you can watch and smile at, maybe even try dancing along. I found the video to be not stereotypically fitting to the song but I think that worked and is what makes Traverse the Abyss stand out a little. The song itself is pretty typical metalcore, it's got a good level of catchiness to it and too be honest is a song I would probably listen to again, I can't fault it. The video for 'Frankenshuffle' is by Novro Studios Makeup done by Trish or Trash w/ Familiar Curiousities Studio

Band Line Up

Eric Abyss: Vocals "Iron" Mike White: Guitar Jamie Macheska: Guitar Mike "Bnoc" Bieniecki: Bass & Backing Vocals David Wilczweski: Drums

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Upcoming shows

January 15th 2022 - Nonpoint, Dropout Kings, Any Given Sin, Traverse the Abyss & As Within So Without - One Centre Square, Easton, PA

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