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THE HARA - Afterlife

THE HARA show a more vulnerable side with their powerful new track 'Afterlife'.


'Afterlife' is a very powerful track from UK trio THE HARA. I normally think of this band being super high energy with songs that make you wanna get up and jump around or break things. Seeing them put out a song with such emotion behind it really hit me. 'Taylors' vocals sound so different on this track in a way that barely a line in I felt every emotion that he was conveying. 'Afterlife' definitely took me by surprise and is a song I believe a lot of people will find comfort in relating too.

"It's a completely new side to us, the most honest and vulnerable we've been with any song yet," - (THE HARA)

THe HARA have also recently announced that they will be playing Truck Festival on Saturday the 24th of July.


Josh Taylor: Frontman Zack Breen: Guitar Jack Kennedy: Drums

You can listen to 'Afterlife' here

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