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Sable - Scream

Solo new generation metal artist Sable releases song "Scream", which is described as the realest song they have ever made.


New artist Sable has realesed their newest song "Scream", much like the title could suggest this song is angry and full of really cool, heavy guitar riffs. In my opinion this is Sable's strongest song to date. I am already obsessed with it and it's only been out a day. The arrangment of this song feels so well done, to me like an artist that has been in the industry for many years. Instrumentally this song reminds me of artists such as Normandie espeically in the chorus. Sable delivers the same catchy sing along type sound while still keeping a level of aggresion within. A moment from this song that really caught me off gaurd was the heavier screaming type vocals that come towards the end. I didn't expect it and I was pleasantly surprised.

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