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Lÿnx - Claws Out

Lÿnx have unleashed their rock n' roll album 'Claws Out'.


Artwork by Syafiq AL Faruq

Brace yourselves for a rock n' roll onslaught as Canada's Lÿnx have released their full-length album 'Claws Out'. Armed with a new frontman, Ja6ur the rock n' rollers are taking their sound to the next level. 'Claws Out' is not just a collection of songs but a testament to the bands unrelenting dedication to providing fans with a visceral, immersive rock experience.

"We are incredibly proud of how our first two albums have been received at home and around the world. It's clear that the world is ready for rock to come roaring back into the mainstream. There are no skipping songs on a Lÿnx album, we want every song to be quality work that gets you either up and dancing, or a ballad that brings a tear to your eye, or a hard pounding heavy hit to get your anger out. For us this isn't just a hobby, this is a lifestyle, and we want every one of our fans to be as ecstatic as we are about the music we create." - (Lÿnx)

'Claws Out' was mixed by Priyam Baksi, mastered by Nathan Reiner and is available now via Bullzhorn Records.

'Hell in High Heels' (Official Music Video)

Listen to 'Claws Out' HERE

Lÿnx are

Ja6ur: Lead Vocals

Blade: Guitar & Backing Vocals Fangs: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals Flash: Drums/Percussion

Lÿnx online

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