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Born Of Osiris - White Nile

Born Of Osiris release music video for new single "White Nile", which features some unusual characters and sees Nick Rossi transition to guitar for the first time.


This new single from Born Of Osiris gives a taste of what their new era may sound like. This is the first music that they have put out since their 2019 album "The Simulation". This new era also sees Nick Rossi transfer from bass to guitar. The song itself isn't far sounding from what they have put out previously and is an enjoyable song to listen to. A great song for any heavy metal fan. The video is in black and white and we see the band performing with scenes of unusual charcaters slotted between. I think that the video is very effective for this song and it being in black and white adds a really nice theme to the whole thing. The video was directed by Erez Bader (silent flight productions).

You can check out the full video and listen to the single here

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